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Hydroblasting & Industrial Cleaning

Hydroblasting & Industrial Cleaning vat 16 001 Neo Corporation


Hydroblast cleaning is the ideal method for cleaning internal as well as external areas, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces, and for getting at places that, in the past, were almost impossible to reach, let alone clean. The NEO team uses a system that allows the capture, filtration, and reuse of the wastewater generated by the cleaning process, reducing the volume of water used. Whether it’s high pressure and low volume to remove paint and scale from tanks and storage vessels, or lower pressure and high volume to flush lines and drains, NEO can meet the needs of our customers within the regulations and requirements of the industry.


Hydroblasting & Industrial Cleaning ind cleaning Neo Corporation

Industrial Vacuuming Services is a synergistic fit with NEO’s services.

NEO utilizes a wide range of mobile vacuum equipment designed to safely and efficiently vacuum virtually any wet or dry substance, including hazardous materials, coal, bricks, fly ash, cement, slag and more. Some of our vacuum trucks include: wet/dry, wet, and combination units, vacuum tankers, flushing units and hydro excavators. The entire process is dust free, fast and economical.

NEO has extensive experience in a variety of industries, such as, transportation, chemical, healthcare, government, retail and education. NEO has also performed services at paper mills, industrial manufacturing centers and utility plants. In addition to using our vacuuming services as a clean-up solution, we can also convey material horizontally to remote locations and up to 150 feet vertically into vessels akin to silos or tanks.

All of our Industrial Vacuuming Services personnel are 40-hour HAZWOPER trained, as well as, certified for confined space entry and OSHA plant safety.

Whether the project requires one mobilization or several mobilizations, one truck or several trucks, we will coordinate and carry out a plan that best works for our customers in the most safe, timely and cost-effective manner!

The NEO team maintains the most up-to-date training, experience, and credentials necessary to provide our customers with excellent service. The team maintains our credentials with annual training by the EPA, OSHA, and state-of-the-art industry standards continuing education programs. NEO is dedicated to creating the safest environment for our customers and employees.