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About about Neo Corporation


NEO Corporation (NEO) was founded in 1984 in North Carolina as a privately held corporation primarily dealing with asbestos related issues. Since that time NEO has completed over 30,000 environmentally oriented projects. The company and its employees have had vast experience in different types of projects and conditions. All aspects of our environmental and industrial services include site assessments, project design, air sampling, abatement, demolition, hydro-blasting and industrial vacuuming.

As environmental regulations have changed and our clients’ needs for additional environmental services became apparent, NEO has increased its capabilities to meet the demand. In 1989, our Environmental/Industrial Divisions were formed to handle non-asbestos types of environmental contracting and consulting services such as hazardous materials management, demolition, remediation, spill response, environmental property assessments, health & safety audits and training, industrial hygiene and related procedures.

NEO has always provided our customers with optimal applications necessary to successfully complete a project, usually on a turnkey basis.

NEO’s clients range from public sector agencies to Fortune 100 companies. We take pride in our ability to draw on our diversified staffs’ backgrounds to satisfy our clients’ varied needs. Since much of our work deals with “production-oriented” clients, i.e., institutional, commercial and industrial, we are always schedule and cost sensitive.

NEO has the proven experience and capabilities to service the environmental and industrial cleaning needs of our clients.


Quality workmanship is only one facet of the services we provide. The emphasis on project engineering, work methods, record keeping, and site logistics are developed into complete documentation packages that are closely monitored to ensure the highest level of performance for our clients and Team NEO.


NEO offers an organization that provides expertise in the areas of engineering, project management, and a strong working knowledge of the regulatory environment. NEO has received commendation letters from various clients on our high-performance standards and successful project completion. Our project management personnel are trained and skilled professionals capable of providing the planning and organizational skills necessary to make any project NEO undertakes a success.


A critical aspect of all NEO projects is the planning necessary to complete the project on schedule. Prior to commencing any work, a detailed schedule is developed that effectively optimizes the use of people and equipment under any operational constraints. This schedule becomes an integral part of the overall project enabling our project managers to closely monitor its progress and stay abreast of any changing conditions that may impact the client’s timeline. As communication of work plans and the status of work-in-progress is critical to a timely completion of all projects, the schedule is reviewed with our clients to ensure there are no conflicts with any planned production or maintenance activities.