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Scott Towers Deconstruction


The Greenville Housing Authority




Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Project

The Greenville Housing Authority contracted NEO Corporation, NEO, in 2013 for the Deconstruction of the Scott Towers. The contract called for the complete abatement of the asbestos containing building materials, disposal of all hazardous materials such as chemicals, bulbs, ballasts, oils and complete demolition. Scott Towers was the city’s largest public housing complex. This 15 story building was constructed with post tension steel cables and concrete. Total floor space was over 150,000 square feet.

NEO abated the structure of all asbestos containing building materials and all other hazardous materials. Once the abatement was completed, NEO prepared the building for an implosion method of demolition. The pre-implosion activities involved saw cutting shear walls, drilling over 600 holes for the explosives, removal of load bearing walls and installing special steel cables to the stair towers to facilitate the direction of the fall of the stair towers.

NEO contracted Mr. Steve Pettigrew from Contract Drilling and Blasting, (CDB) for the implosion. CDB prepared and placed over 400 lbs of explosives into the pre-drilled holes throughout the building. The building was imploded by collapsing the Ground, First, Sixth and Seventh Floors simultaneously. Once the central core collapsed, the two stair towers collapsed and crisscrossed over the debris pile. The once 185 foot tall building was reduced to a debris pile of 30 feet.

Post the implosion, the site was used for training by over 1000 First Responders, Fire Departments, SWAT, Police and tactical personnel from both Carolinas for “real life” situational training.

The cooperation from all of the local, state and federal authorities fostered the success of this project for NEO and all parties involved.