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Andrews District Hospital Asbestos Abatement and Demolition


Murphy Medical Center




Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Project

NEO Corporation was contracted by Murphy Medical Center to remove any asbestos containing building materials, chemicals and to demolish the abandoned multi-story hospital located in Andrews, North Carolina. The medical center had been vacant for years due to the downsizing and was no longer being utilized.

This project utilized many capabilities that NEO Corporation offers. First, NEO conducted a complete survey of the buildings for asbestos containing building materials and a chemical inventory. Asbestos was found in the following items; floor tiles, mastic, ceiling tile, fireproofing, pipe insulation, tank insulation, roofing and flashing. In addition to the asbestos we encountered a lead lining within the wall cavities in the radiology suite. Multiple chemical were removed and disposed of as hazardous and non-hazardous. Mercury/PCB transformers, switches, lights and ballasts were removed and disposed.

Once all of the necessary materials were removed from the buildings they were demolished under controlled conditions. Materials were separated, salvaged and all of the metals were recycled. Upon completion of the demolition the entire site was graded and seeded. Before, during and after the abatement and the demolition, there was extensive planning for the protection of the historic trees that surrounded the Murphy Medical Center. These trees have been a part of the landscape for 75 plus years. NEO employed an experienced arborist for the proper protection of the historic trees to achieve the greatest success. The site now is a grass field for use by the community in Andrews, North Carolina.